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well here it is, there are several ways to get more sleep but some dont work for others and some do work for others, here is just a few helpful ones for you to try out, i know from experience because i have trouble sleeping myself. almost all of these strategies dont involve a pill so yeah...  sorry to say but there really is much for people who cant stay asleep. 

Step 1: The Simplest of All

the easiest way is to double up your pillows, yep thats all it is and it works wonders, and best of all it helps your back

Step 2: Hang a Poster

hang up a poster next to or in front of your bed, its better to get a somewhat complicated picture or something of that sort, it helps you concentrate on something small because your brain considers and think of a billion things at once so distracting yourself with this can help you go to sleep kind of like counting sheep

Step 3: Your Bed

if you dont already do it, get a comforter and use it as a blanket instead of a normal blanket and turn on a fan it makes you feel warm and cozy 

Step 4: Try Moving Around

if you find that you cant get any sleep, try sleep facing the other way on your bed or even try sleeping on the floor, it works because its different than normal and the mind set, trust me it works but if you find that you really cant get any sleep at all try redoing the layout of the room in which you sleep the night you do this you will get the best sleep of your life because your tired and its a severe change. 



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    7 years ago on Step 4

    It's also important to make it as dark as possible in the room, so if you have any electronics with leds or anything like that, you can cover the lights with tape or stickers to block, or at least dim the lights. I know the leds aren't bright enough to light up the room or anything, but especially if it is in a place where you have line of sight from the position you sleep in, the light on your eyelids has the same effect on your brain as if there is a lamp on in the room.

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    The last one works GREAT for me. I always need to shift around for a few minutes until I find the perfect position.