How to Get Pocket Money

Introduction: How to Get Pocket Money

About: i love dogs and i have had them all my life.i love knex even thought i havent got any.i live in a brand new house and i do footy at school and swimming every wesnesday and monday.

No.1 Get a swear box if your parents swear and add 10p in every time they swear.
No.2 Do some cleaning up for them (not to much) like tidy the living room or your bedroom.

thats the first step of it now to the next

Step 1: Tidy Bedroom

A tidy bedroom is my best thing for pocket money because what I do sometimes is push all the things under my bed and stay in my bedroom a little while so it seems like I have tided my room but dont do that because i get into truble when they see it all under my bed.

make your bedroom tidy so then you can get at least 50p to £1.50 ut if it is a realy messy room like mine you could get £1.00 to £2.50

thats my bedroom instructables

Step 2: Tidy Up

Maby you could ask your parents to make you a chart or something for your cleaning up or take you dog for a walk if you have got 1 maby you could even clean your car.

for that you should get 50p to £2.00

thta is the end of the instructable plz add a comment

from chloeandmatty or mattyandchloe

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    2 years ago

    i got bfg 50 cal sniper!!!!! lol

    from thAT THNKS


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I love this ible coz i got £10 for doing mi bedroom and mi family not rich they only get £500 a week so i rate this over 5 star I LOVE THIS IBLE ADDED IT AS FAVORATE THX FOR IBLE


    10 years ago on Introduction

    ye it does joe i did it without putting all stuff under my bed and i got £2.50 so there