How to Go Angling With a Fishing Rod & a Fishing Bobber




Introduction: How to Go Angling With a Fishing Rod & a Fishing Bobber

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how to go angling witha fishing rod & a fishing bobber

 first i would like to say fishing & angling is a game, a sport & a hobby  hope you catch lots of fish of course you probbly will catch some with this instructable

you need

a fishing rod all set up & ready ( with fishing line ) , a  , a fishing bobber , some bait live bait or not real bait ( which ever is most legel ) , a hook with a weight on it

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Step 1: How to Set It Up

first but the bait on the hook & attach it to the line then attach it to the bobber

Step 2: How to Cast the Line

how to cast to cast simply hold onto the line with your hand & or your finger & set the rod to be able to be thrown & then throw the line not the rod

Step 3: The Main Part of Fishing

first you got to wait for the bobber to bob up & down it could even happen once or more & time may vary & when this happens reel it in & then you have a choice you can eat the fish or you can release & possably enjoy to catch it again or possably another fisherman may enjoy  catching it & may eat it of course you should try not to eat to many & also save some so you can catch it again or so it can ley its eggs & have more to fish for ( & please do not touch nor put anything on those eggs ) just one aceptioin to the licence and only this one for all my articles and that is the endorsing so you can endorse any of my articles

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Did you take the pictures used here? If not, did you get the owner's expressed consent before posting them here?


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    that's my picture of my first fish i caught that i used the learned the methnod when i was learning and I made the picture unfortanly for safety reasons I had to cover up my real face image besides I was very proud then of this picture from year 2009 back in the good old days when you did not need a passport in year 2009 also some of actions back then were legel back then. howver not now for example cell phones and driving were legel and were no issue back then