How to Go Insanely Fast With a Sled





Introduction: How to Go Insanely Fast With a Sled

all you need is some common household items. A big hill and nice fluffy snow over the hill

this should warm you with adrenaline

Step 1: Materials

ok what you will need is listed below

Step 2: Last Step

just spray the bottom with your cooking spray and your ready to go

oh and be careful its FAST

please leave any comments or ideas that could be of use
thanks =)

Step 3: Ect.

this has been updated. sorry about all the inconvenices this has caused.
pam is just a brand of non-stick cooking spray, so it really just is cooking oil.





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    Can you add how to make it aroew dimanic

    You all have all wrong! ;) You have a group of young strong teenagers pickup the sled you're on and throw it down the hill. Making you have a starting speed faster than you would normally finish. By the time you get to the bottom you are pretty sure you have passed through the time barrier and when the pain of the crash hits you, well you understand. hahahahah

    What about taking the good ol' Toboggan, put some weights on it, and pack down the snow, then take a heater (hair dryer, heat gun, et cetera) and melt the top of the newly-packed snow so that it turns into ice? After that is done, you THEN take some cooking spray, and spray the bottom of the sled. You will go MUCH faster.

    (What the heck? Why not take a bottle of cooking oil and pour THAT down your newly made ICE-SLIDE? THAT is what I call insanely fast!)

    Come on did we learn nothing from christmas vacation!!

    toboggans have to be the fastest sleds i have ever been on on powder snow, and some candle wax or cooking spray, you will fly. My bro and I have a solid 2sec hang-time when we hit a jump with a toboggan.

    On ice, or really dense/packed snow a flexible flier is extremely dirty. clean up the runners nice and add some surfing wax goes a long way, however after a while they do ruin the sledding area

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    sorry guys but it isn't a first it's just what i could do because i put this up after the snow melted, and i forgot to take pictures when i did this. but im gonna update it soon when i go tubing this year, ill also put up how it works too

    Hahaha, your not kidding!
    It's alot faster than before. I always thought about this but never really tried it 'til now, and I flipped over going so fast!

    Tube? That's like using a cart on mario kart Wii, gotta use one of those slick bottom smooth sleds.

    cool idea. i reckon if you want to get featured you could go into more detail: why does it work? also might be good to tell people what PAM is, because not everyone lives where you live, so it's not necessarily available under that brand name everywhere. looks like it'd be awesome fun, shame it's about 30ºC here in Australia every day though :)

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    I'm sorry bought where you live but if you have any relatives outside Australia that might live up north maybe when you go see them there could be snow on the ground. but anyway sorry bought where you live. it must stink to be there sometimes

    it snows near me in winter :) and remember, Australia is in the southern hemisphere, so we go south to get colder, going north heads toward the tropics! and it never stinks to be in Australia!