How to Grow an Eye Catching Indoor Sunflower

Introduction: How to Grow an Eye Catching Indoor Sunflower

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When the indoor plant contest came up i all ready had a sun flower growing so i thought it would be perfect.
Sun flowers are super easy to grow and are good to look at.

You should start this project in early spring because thats when they grow best!

I'm in Australia so it gets lots of sun light and it seems to like it, as long as it has lots of water.

Note that fully grown sunflowers always turn to the sun so the flower will face the window.

Step 1: What You Will Need

1 or 2 sunflower seeds
a reliable sorce of water (i use rain water)
a pot (my pot has no holes because the water evaporates too fast)
soil (try not to have bits of bark in the soil because it will make it harder for the seed to grow)

Step 2: What to Do

1. fill your pot with soil.
2. place the seed down 2-3cms deep.
3. lightly water and place on window sill.
4. wait until the seed grows a bit and check if the soil is damp.

tip. if the soil is damp but the plant is drooping put the plant away from the sun until the plant grows back up then water and put back in the sun.

5. if you see that the sunflower is fine on water and still drooping you can use a wooden scewer to prop it up and it will regain strength.
6. when your sunflower gets thick enough to withstand the wind you can plant it out side but remember to keep watering it.

Step 3: Please Vote

if this project helped you, be awesome and leave a comment and vote.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    This is great!
    I especially like the handy tip..
    Good luck with the comp; you have my vote..