How to Hack Computers

this is a tutorial on how to hack devices i am not liable for what you do.this is the way i learned how to do it in this tutorial i will be hacking a arduino somewhere in the world.if you do not know what an arduino look at my other instructables to find out

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Step 1: Step 1

go to then type in arduino/dreambox/windows what ever you want to hack in the search bar shodan hq is a online computer search engine for online can hack all sorts of stuff hvac water coolers boilers heaters lights cameras everything!

Step 2: Step 2

look up anything you want if its anything but a pc you can just type in the ip address on your search bar and if it does not work shodan already has a prepared link under the ip address

Step 3: Step 3

your done.



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    if you need any help just contact me im pretty sure i can help you with what ever problem you might have