How to Jailbreak IPhone ?

Introduction: How to Jailbreak IPhone ?

Today we're gonna show you how to jail break you're iPhone and make it more incredible.

This jailbreak will ONLY if you have IOS7 to IOS7.0.4





-USB cable

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Step 1:

Step one : you open up your browser and search up "evasi0n" and you click on the first link.

Step 2:

Step Two: The first link you clicked on should've send you here. If you're on this page you should click on "Mac OS X" or "windows" depending on the computer you have.

Step 3:

Step Three : Once you've done step two it should send you to this page. Once you're on this page you should click on download.

Step 4:

Step Four : Once it finishes downloading it a file should appear in the bottom asking if you wanna open it , click on "open".

Step 5:

Step Five: Click on "evasi0n7"

Step 6:

Step Six : Click on run

Step 7:

Step Seven : It's gonna ask you if it can make changes on you computer just click yes.

(Don't worry it wont affect your computer)

Step 8:

Step Eight : Connect your USB cable to your phone and then to your computer. Once you've connected it a notification will appear in your phone asking if you wanna trust the computer click on "trust"

Step 9:

Step Nine: When step seven is complete this should pop up in your computer , click on "jailbreak"
Make sure your phone is connected or it will not work.

Now you play the waiting game

Step 10:

Step ten : . When the loading bar is half way your phone will reboot and in the screen there will be a box with an arrow pointing to the left.

Step 11:

Step Eleven : When your phone turns on unlock it and there should be a new app in your phone called "evasi0n7" click on it. Once you've clicked on the new app your phone will turn off and it will reboot again .

Step 12:

Step twelve : when your phone turns back on look for the app "cydia" click on it , once you click on cydia your phone will turn off again. When it finishes rebooting unlock your phone and click on cydia.

(The evasi0n app should be gone)

Step 13:

Step Thirteen : Once you've clicked on cydia this will show up click on "User".

Step 14:

Step Fourteen : Now you have a jailbroken iphone , to look up apps just go to the search icon and search anything you want.

enjoy !!!!!!!!!!

Step 15:

Step fifteen : This is an example of an app you find in cydia, its called "zeppelin" it lets you change the carrier name to anything you want.

Step 16:

Step Sixteen : Enjoy you phone , i hope you like it. if you have any questions just contact me and ill be glad to help.

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6 years ago on Introduction

What happens to all the apps, contacts, music etc that you had before you jail broke it?