How to Jailbreak (untethered) 3.0 and 2.2.1




Intro: How to Jailbreak (untethered) 3.0 and 2.2.1

UPDATE:the dev team has released a new version of redsn0w and saurik has released new versions of Mobile Substrate and winterboard for the 3GS!

2.2.1 is only for the ipod touch 2G.

And also check out the data that I, Cyle/cyleleghorn/A.C.E., have added to it.

MAJOR UPDATE: 3.0 has been released to the public! check out the new 3.0 page that I, Champster have created.

UPDATE 4/13/09: Robots199 has been added as a collaborator.
UPDATE 4/14/09: New Pictures added and a new app was added by Robots199
UPDATE 4/29/09: New apps and sources have been added by Champster
UPDATE 4/30/09: New pics added by Robots199
UPDATE 6/25/09: Champster did a spellcheck to the Instructable and some other things.

scienceboy63 has a great Instructable on how to go from a tethered jailbreak to an untethered without restoring. click me go straight to step four, because the first 3 steps are already on my instructable. (im guessing he didn't search before making it) except, I think the link to download the tethered to untethered is on step 1 or 2.

I added, as a green twist, a way to properly dispose of a dead, bricked, broken, or otherwise non-working ipod touch or iphone. The complete details are in the last step. Please, when you move on to something other than your ipod, please don't just throw it in the trash. You need to make sure it gets to the big apple recycling store in the sky, instead of spending years in a landfill rotting and slowly being consumed by tiny land critters, all of whom will die after ingesting a capacitor or drinking lcd ink. Please help save the planet!!

goto the last step for the green twist.

For Firmware 3.0/2.21 which are currently the two latest iPod firmwares. if apple comes out with a later firmware do not do this, wait for me to come out with an update.

This is your Instructable if you got a SECOND GENERATION ipod touch thinking you would be able to jailbreak it, and were horribly disappointed when you tried and bricked your ipod and had to restore (like me lol) this is an untethered jailbreak, which means it can reboot WITHOUT having you hook it back up to your computer. I will probably not be using real pictures since I just finished setting back up all of my jailbroken and non apps and I don't feel like having to do it all again, but I WILL go through the trouble of using gimp to make it look like they are real lol.

Step 1: OS 3.0 Jailbreak

This release of redsn0w also works with the iPhone 3G, the iPhone 2G, and the first ipod touch.
But you obviously need the correct firmware for the device you are using.

Okay guys, you wanted it, now you got it. For free.

Supplies list:
1. A 3.0 ipsw update file: We can not give it to you because of legal issues. You either have to download it from iTunes or find it somewhere else (not recommended)
2. The 3.0 version of Redsn0w. Also, to your desktop. put the apple update in the redsn0w folder.

This is for ipod touch 2G.

What you need to do.
1.Update Your iPod Touch to 3.0 software by whatever way you chose

2. Open your redsn0w folder on your desktop. make sure you iPod is connected. close iTunes and put the iPod touch in DFU mode. Hold both buttons for 9-12 seconds, then let go of the top power button and continue to hold the home button for another 9-12 seconds. let go. Drag the 3.0 update onto the redsn0w.exe file

3. Let it do its thing. As I am told, this shouldn't take more than 2 minutes. I would give it 5. If it does not work, crashes, or freezes, take out the ipod and reset it by holding both buttons and then re-dfu mode it. try again.

As I said earlier I am not responsible for any ipod touch 2G breakage. Do these steps at your own risk. I will have a youtube video up of the process later when I figure out some more stuff, such as custom boot logos and weather we will have the same problem as with 2.2.1 where people couldn't download stuff from the 1.x.x firmware through cydia. O and also, I need my winter board. they already had summerboard, springboard is taken, and 2.2.1 had dibs on winterboard so I guess 3.0 gets fallboard?? someone confirm this.

Robots199 Edit: REALLY IMPORTANT: 3.0 Software WORKS with winterboard.
Also once upgraded to 3.0, cydia will give you a slew of updates that will make many 2.2.1 programs compatible with 3.0

Step 2: Quick Freedom!!!

NOTE!!! This is for 2.2.1 Not 3.0.

NOTE!!! you still need the C++ redistributable file. i will put it as a download at the bottom of this page.

you now do not need any of the other steps. quick freedom does it all. if you do not trust gui applications with your precious pod, i will leave the other steps up anyway.

I have re-ordered the steps to change priority. There is now a gui called quick freedom that Berky93 was kind enough to tell me about, and report its success. You can go to Quick freedom's homepage to download the newest release. Quick freedom supports custom boot logos, whereas my original instructable did not. I edited my favorite of the included 8 png files to include the words, "Cyle's Ipod" above the logo and"Jailbroken" below. This time i will fully document the jailbreak, because i will be doing it also! There will be a youtube video along with words.

The first time you start quick freedom it will check for the 2.2.1 original firmware file. if it can not locate the file for you it will give you the option to either browse to the file of download it through quickfreedom. it will also check for libusb. on windows xp and vista 32 bit it is as easy as clicking install libusb to get it installed, but on vista 64 bit, which i just happen to have, it is really hard. i am not going to cover vista 64 bit. any way, click next. Now you have the option to install installer, and the custom boot logo. you can choose to put installer in, but you dont have to. cydia is automatically installed. click add custom boot logo to see if there are any you like. You can also pick a new recovery logo. this is the connect to itunes logo you saw when you first bought your ipod. you can also make your own, just take the 320 x 480 pixels. anything that is not artwork must be transparent, so remember that. make sure you check custom boot logo if you want it, then click "create firmware". after that is done, you will have a jailbroken firmware ipsw file on your desktop. click next. put your ipod in DFU mode. if you dont know how, you can click the dfu instructions, or just do this: hold both buttons on the ipod down for 9 seconds, and then let go of the top power button. continue holding the bottom home button for another 9 seconds. down in the corner of quick freedom it will say dfu mode if you did it right. if not, try again. press start pre jailbreaking. if you dont do this, itunes will give you an error when trying to restore. after it is completed, you can close out of quick freedom. the next step is just telling you how to restore, but you've got me for that : ) open up itunes. it will complain about the ipod being in recovery mode, but just click ok. you are going to click restore, BUT MAKE SURE YOU HOLD DOWN SHIFT!!! if you dont all that work just went to waste. a file browser window will pop up, and you need to navigate to your desktop. once there, click on the jailbroken firmware file. the ipod will begin to restore. once it is done, so are you!! you can go to the step before the last step for some cool stuff : )

ROBOTS199's DFU MODE TRICK: It can be hard to get into DFU mode with only one pair of hands to do three jobs. I had a lot of trouble at first doing all three tasks at once. To solve this problem, have a second person connect the cable to the iPod , while you hold the power and home button.

EDIT:::: There is now a new version of the quick freedom program. it allows you to also change the "connect to itunes" logo. You can also now change your boot logo(s) without having to do a full restore. Only do this with an ipod touch 2nd gen that is already jailbroken. When you open up quick freedom, click change logo. pick your logos and create your firmware. Make sure you check the "already jailbroken" box. Put your ipod in recovery mode. this can usually be done by clicking the recovery mode button, but if you have to do it manually then follow the following directions: hold the bottom home button and plug your ipod into your computer. continue holding the home button for 10 seconds, and then the connect to itunes recovery logo will popup. in itunes hold shift and click restore and browse to the "custom nor.ipsw" file which will be located on your desktop. This supposedly will only change the boot logos, and nothing else. I dont know if it will work that way yet, but i will get back to you as soon as i find out, which will be pretty soon 'cus im really digging that bottom-left recovery logo. i may even customize it with some kind of "It's all your fault!!" text or something... heh.. hehe. Thats actually a pretty funny thing. You break your ipod and get scolded. Anyway, have fun.

Step 3: Supplies List.

listen for some reason the files i uploaded to instructables, libusb and c++ redistrobutable, download as tmp files. you will need to change the file extension to exe for it to work. This also happened on my font instructable, when i uploaded my custom font. maybe instructyables has a glitch??

1. a second generation ipod only. you know you have a second gen because it hase volume buttons on the side, and it has external speakers. iphone also has volume controls, but it is a phone. DO NOT get that mixed up, or itunes probably wont even be able to save you from the brick that you will get.
2. download that package. that is what will jailbreak the ipod and hack the newest 2.2.1 firmware.
3. the 2.2.1 firmware, which you can get here:
4. a windows xp computer. i dont think it works on vista, at least the tethered jailbreak didnt and i had to do it on my moms laptop.
5. lib usb and c++ redistributable which i am uploading right now to instructables. the vcrest exe is c++ and the other one is libusb.
6. An archive program, such a winrar, or 7zip because we will actually need to go inside of the ipsw firmware file.
7. after you have installed the 2 executable, move on to the next step.

Step 4: Setting Up the Ipsw

go into itunes and click restore ipod. you can backup everything, and click transfer purchases for your apps. while it is working, read on.
ok, make a folder called ipod on your desktop and extract everything from the first download link i gave to that folder. you will need to wait for a couple of seconds. when you download the ipsw 2.2.1 file DO NOT open with itunes, just save it. now rename it to OriginalFW.ipsw if you have extensions enabled. if you dont usually see endings like txt or doc or html, then just leave it at originalfw and do not put on the .ipsw. Now move it to the ipsw folder inside of the ipod folder. in the ipod folder start ipsw.bat and it will take a while. if it does not, the name of originalfw is wrong. once it is finished, you will have a jb.ipsw in your ipsw folder.

Step 5: Fixing the Jb.ipsw File

this is where the archiver comes in. Right click on the jb.ipsw and open with whatever archiver you have. navigate to /Firmware/all_flash/all_flash.n72ap.production. delete the file that begins with lbb. replace it with the llb file from your ipsw folder. once it is done copying over, move to the next step.

Step 6: Boot Baby!!

Put your ipod in DFU mode. do this by holding both buttons, home and power, for anywhere from 9 to 14 seconds. i suggest 10. after the time is up, let go of the top, power/sleep button, but continue holding the home, bottom button, for another 10 seconds. now you are in dfu mode. get ready to plug your ipod in to the computer with a usb cord, not firewire, and make sure itunes is not running or it will restore your ipod. in your ipod folder, after your ipod is plugged in, double click the RUNME.EXE file and wait untill it closes itself. unlike the other jailbreaks, this will leave your ipod on the wite screen. once the program has closed itself, you can open itunes. it will complane about the ipod being in recover mode, and needing to restor, but that is okay, seeing as we are restoring.hold down shift and click restore. that will bring up a file browsing window, in which we will navigate to our ipsw folder, and open jb.ipsw. your ipod will then start to restore, and when it is finished, so are you. done. if you want some cool things, go to the next step.

ROBOTS199's DFU MODE TRICK: It can be hard to get into DFU mode with only one pair of hands to do three jobs. I had a lot of trouble at first doing all three tasks at once. To solve this problem, have a second person connect the cable to the iPod , while you hold the power and home button.

Feel free to ask me to explain anything you dont quite understand, and I will get back to you.

Step 7: Fun Utilities, Eyecandy, and Sources

lol the video was about 22 minutes long : ) I am an over achiever. i will break it up.

1. Cydia: Where you download everything related to jailbroken ipods and iphones. The first time you start it, click the option that says graphical only, and install all needed updates.

2. MxTube: it is youtube, but with the ability to save the videos instead of just watching them. You can only watch saved vids through mxtube as they are not saved as mp4. hopefully that will come in a later release.(hence the download flv and convert) Note: Stream means watch by the way.

3. dTunes: Like limewire for the ipod, directly download FREE MUSIC and VIDEO to your ipod.
Disclaimer: dTunes is ILLEGAL AS IS ANY FREE MUSIC TORRENT CLIENT! This is because you are getting free music and video torrents from recording companies. A.C.E and Robots199 are not responsible for what you do with this app and if you get arrested, sued, fined, or any legal actions or actions are taken against you.

3.Installous: If you want to test out apps before you buy them to see if you like it or not, open cydia and wait for it to get the realeses, then go to manage. tap sources, then edit, then add. in that window, after the http , type exactly as I have it wrote, and press add. now where it says entered by user click after a second it will show the apps in that source. you want mipatch firmware 2.2.1 or 3.0 depending on which firmware you are using and then install something, click install at the top, then click confirm. now click search and type safari download and click the safari download plug-in.once in installous, search for a paid app, and click it if it pops up. if not, wait a couple of days then try again. scroll to the bottom and click the version you want, usually the highest one, and then one of the download sites. find the link, click it and click download, not install. wait till its done downloading, and go to the downloads tab. tap the ipa file and press install. it will not work untill you already have an official app, so go to the app store and download something free. i think the free app makes the app folder for installous to install into. THIS APP IS ILLEGAL!!!! I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU GET ARRESTED OR FINED OR ANYTHING ELSE. THE APPS THAT YOU ARE INSTALLING ARE CRACKED WHICH MEANS ILLEGAL.

4. SSH: you need ssh to get into your ipod, for stuff like putting roms and books and such. you need wifi for this to cydia, search openssh which is one word. install that. now on your computer, google winscp, and install it too. go into settings, click wifi, and click the blue arrow next to the connected wifi. open up winscp and for the host type the ip address shown on the ipod. the user name is root, and the password is alpine. protocal should be sftp and uncheck spt fallback. click logon, and your in!!

5. iBroke: self explanatory, acts like your ipod is broken. search ibroke in cydia. i suggest zap!!

6. Font swap: get it in cydia, and open it. click system fonts, unless you do not want the font change to affect everything. click a font, and if you want to test it, click apply and restart font swap. it exits, and then you need to reopen fontswap. if you like the font, click it again but this time apply and respring the iphone. it will do this short kind of reboot process. you are left at the lockscreen, new font engaged. you can get more fonts in cydia by searching font.

7. Winterboard: Allows you to put themes on the ipod touch or iphone. Download it and then check the changes or search theme to get some themes. screen shots are either in the screenshots tab or in the more info tab. click install then confirm, and then start up winterboard. tap the theme, and then press the home button. it will respring, then you will be at the lock screen, theme applied. All winterboard themes are in Cydia. ROBOTS199's FAVORITE APP. ROBOTS199 SUGGESTS THE LEOPARD THEME! GET IT!!!

8. Gpsphone: this is a gameboy color and advance emulator. you can play gba or gbc games straight from your ipod touch. it supports normal save games like the game would normally do, but also state saves. state saves allow you to come back to the exact point where you left off, not just the last door you walked through, or the last checkpoint. you are the exact same as you were when you saved, also.

9.SBsettings: this is exactly like Bossprefs but you can have themes and there is no icon. Instead you slide your finger across the status bar to use it.

10.Icy: this is ripdev's version of cydia. it uses cydia repos and sources and you don't see reloading data every minute. it also automatically grabs your cydia sources. Icy may have problems installing some packages.

Sources for cydia/icy and installer

To get the installer sources go to installer and grab community sources. that will get you enough
for a day.

Champster found a package that installs all the known cydia sources! Most work but some Don't.
Anyways once you get Cydia open click on "More Package Sources" then scroll down until you see pwncenter and then click on it and install if it was a app. Once that is installed search for "All Sources" and install it.

lol yep. too long anyway. i will split this one up too.

feel free to ask me to explain anything you don't quite understand, and i will get back to you .

Champster added his personal theme, to install go to WinSCP and go to /library/themes and drag in the theme(after you unzip it), then enable in winterboard. And if you want before you upload it to the ipod go into the .plist and you can change the values such as change black to white to have the dock icons have white text instead of black. you can also remove the wallpaper.png or the lockbackround.png to get rid of the SB wallpaper ot the lockscreen wallpaper. its all customizable.

Step 8: How to Properly Dispose of a Broken Ipod

Just in case something goes wrong and you completely destroy your ipod doing this, and apple will not fix it, DO NOT JUST THROW AWAY THAT IPOD TOUCH!!! if you do it will rot and be consumed at a landfill by the tiny land critters who will then DIE from eating lcd ink and capacitors and such. so, how do you "properly" dispose of the ipod?? well, fist off, goto and make an account there, or you can use my special account link and when i win, you win, and when you win, i win. it is kind of like a double deal. at they basically pay you to use their search engine, which is a combo between google and ask. obviously, you can earn swag bucks in other ways, which i am describing now. next, on the left hand side, click trade in. click recycle mp3 players and cellphones. click get started. fill out the form according to your ipod, then click next. press trade in this model. check what you have to trade also, then click next. agree to terms and conditions, then press complete trade in. if it is your first time with them, it will ask for your address to send the pre-paid envelope. onve you get the envelope, follow the instructions and place it back in the mailbox. Depending on what kind of shape the ipod is in, they will resale it, or carefully take it apart and recycle each part into its own special bin.

Thanks for caring about the planet!!!!



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    7 years ago on Step 2

    ok, so on quickfreedom when you browse the file i can only find a zipper file with two files, firmware and somthing else any help would be appreciated

    A.C.E.Millawi Legend

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I'm on windows vista, this wont be the same for xp but it probably will for 7. I right click the desktop and personalize, then "Windows Color and Appearance" then "Open classic appearance properties.." then click "Advanced". Its pretty straightforward from there.

    need help

    8 years ago on Step 2

    So my itouch 2G screen didn’t turn white. But Itunes recognize it and it is in DFU mode…I try unplug and plug it back in.But it wouldn’t work.. what can I do?!? Please help!!

    1 reply
    A.C.E.need help

    Reply 8 years ago on Step 2

    You need to try holding down both buttons to see if it resets. if it doesnt then put it in dfu mode and restore in itunes then redo the process. NEVER unplug it unless you see the springboard or the tutorial says to.


    9 years ago on Step 1

    can't seem to find where my 3.0 update resides on the HD. Only empty folder in iTunes music folder. My iPod is updated however.

    1 reply

    9 years ago on Step 3

    i need help i did all the steps but i still dont see cydia on my ipod touch plz help.

    2 replies

    Reply 9 years ago on Step 3

    That means you didnt hold shift when you clicked restore. If you did hold shift and you did click restore but you messed up on one of the other steps you would have gotten an error in itunes. if you held shift and did everything right you would have hacked firmware AND cydia. since you got everything set up it should take you less than 30 minutes to rejailbreak. all you need to do is put the ipod in dfu mode and do the prejailbreak again, then hold shift and click restore in itunes and find the jailbroken ipsw file than quick freedom made.


    Reply 9 years ago on Step 3

    i meant to say "THAT quick freedom made." there in the last sentence.


    9 years ago on Step 2

    ok i went through all the steps and now im in itunes and its has said restoring ipod software for about 45 min now what should i do?

    1 reply

    Reply 9 years ago on Step 2

    it is working i think. if there was a little status bar on the ipod that is good. It shouldnt take that much longer unless its a really old computer. i have a 2005 desktop and it takes me about 50 minutes to do the whole process, and 35 or 40 of it is restoring.


    9 years ago on Step 2

    Hello, i have run into a problem and im not quite sure what to do :/... I have gotten to the patching stage but i keep getting a message saying that 7-zip standalone console has encountered a problem and needs to close... It will not patch the firmware... What do i do??? Thanks in advance


    9 years ago on Introduction

    A.C.E did you add the 3.0 jailbreak part before june 21st? someone made ANOTHER redsn0w tutorial.

    3 replies

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    well im back home now and i think i am going to update the 3.0 page on how to do it on mac.


    9 years ago on Step 2

    Hey im running Windows XP and i have everything i need got to the custom firmware part it finished creating BUT when patching it it gets to finalizing patch and it just stays there ive slept for like 8 hrs i wake up and it still is stuck on "Finalizing Firmware." Oh and i have the newest version of QuickFreedom. Can you please help.