How to Keep Rabbits From Eating Your Crops/garden Veggies.


Introduction: How to Keep Rabbits From Eating Your Crops/garden Veggies.

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do those stubburn rabbits eat your carrots,lettuce,beats,ect. ? then you might want to consider using this helpfull method.

take a bounce dryer sheet and tie it to a popsickle stick, then sick it in the dirt next to your growing stock, this repels not only rabbits but it also repels cats from using your flower beds as a bathroom,

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    The best way to keep them damn I call the rat-bits away from your crops is spay full strength malathion on them. it will keep the sensitive nosed rabbits a million miles away

    I'll be darned! I hope you are right and this works, those fuzzy cuties are getting on my nerves. If this doesn't work I'll soon have to make rabbit stew.

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    awwwww, dont eat them. lol. another way you can to put some fruit and veggie protecters over them, its on my file on how to make them. and please vote for them in the gardening contest. that the instructables is having

    Well, on a fine evening I went outside only to find Mr. Rabbit having a fine dining experience at the cost of my sunflowers!!! he must have thought the drier sheets were linen napkins :)
    I guess my rabbits are too well trained to worry about the strong smell. Rabbit stew it is!

    I don't under stand! this works for me every time, are you sure you used bounce dryer sheets? because the others don't work. you can try the method I use to keep dogs away from plants, its on my file

    I hear hot pepper spray works.Use as a general insect and pest (deer, raccoons, rabbits, etc) deterrent.
    - Mix 2 tbsp hot (cayenne or hotter) pepper with 6 drops liquid soap and 1 gallon water. Store in a spray bottle for easy use.
    - Mix ½ cup apple cider vinegar, 1 tsp hot pepper sauce, 1/8 tsp liquid soap. Shake well and put in a spray bottle.

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    yes that's works, and actually I have an instructable with cayane pepper and soap to keep dogs from peeing on your lawn

    The magazine Mother Earth News also suggested spraying your urine around the perimeter of your garden. If you feel uncomfortable with using pee, you can also use yours or someone else hair clippings.

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