How to Lube Your Bearings and Put Risers on a Skateboard!!!

Introduction: How to Lube Your Bearings and Put Risers on a Skateboard!!!

lets do this

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Step 1: Introduction

first we need to know what the keck are risers?!?well thay'r bendy plastic that go on the bottem of your board to give it more pop and to absorb shock.and we are going to learn how to put them in and how to lube up byour bearings!!!

Step 2: First

we will need the following:
 a skate tool.
a screw driver.
and some hand sanatizer. trust me it works!

Step 3: Second

take yo wheels and bearings  off. real easy just look and read the pics down below.

Step 4: Now

now ummm... you once you have both bearings out you should have one bearing spacer,two bearings,and two washers.

Step 5: Ok

ok lube up your bearings. oh and take all your wheels off and thier bearings and washers and spacers and get thoose too.

Step 6: Ok.. Again.

ok now umm...let me think oh yah....put your bearings back in your wheels.

Step 7: Then Do This

then out the part of the wheel that has your bearing on it the push down hard.

Step 8: ...

out your bearings back on out one washer on the truck then the wheel then the other washer and then the bolt.

Step 9: Now Take All the Truccks Off I Mean Both. Lol

take your trucks off.

Step 10: Ok

now put your risers on easy and cake.

Step 11: Finaly

ok put the other riser on like the other one and your done!! finaly now go and skate like you mean it!!

dont forget to comment rate or give tips. all crittisisim is well come. hope you enjoyed this insructable it took all night to take these pics. :)

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