How to Make a Cheap Jacuzi




how to make a cheap portable jacuzi or spa
first you will the following item
a intex inflatable pool
a spa bath mat
then get your portable spa bath mat and use only the air blower machine and leave the mat in the box you will only need the tubing host.and now attach the spa math host and the  intex filter pool host only with a masking tape or an electrical tape or any tape u want with each other .then attach the end of the host or tube  below the hole in the filter tube of your intext pool you dont need the filter  just the host of ur filter pool okay remember to attach it  to the hole which is below to ur pool not the other hole this is very important now after you attach the host or tube to the pool  pull up your host above the pool or high up on ur pool the middle tubing then tie it up to any wall or anything so it will hang up high and the water will not go through the air blower of you spa bath mat.remember to that procedure or u will be sorry if any water enter the air blower it may damage it or even cause electric shock when water enters the blower so just prevent it from getting the water to the blower only air should go through it okay
now turn on your portable spa blower and hoorah u have a  home made can even lie down on the bubble on your pool and have a nice soothing massage at your back  you can adjust you air bubble machine in any setting like high,middle or low setting even it has a heat massage this is better than using the spa math and using it on a bath tub this has more space and can be use by many people  u dont need to go to any massage parlor or any spa u can set up this in ur home less than 5 minutes ,enjoy water therapy massage or bubble massage that will help you relax and not spending a  lot in buying a jacuzi



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    This is not a good idea.... Especially the electric blower!