How to Make À Watherproof Électronic

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Intro: How to Make À Watherproof Électronic

in this tutorial i show how to make a watherproof électronic whis à candle

Step 1: Will You Need

for make this you need : à knife , à candle, à récipient and your électronic, and a mocrowave.

Step 2: Rap the Candle

take the candle with your right hand and rap one with your knife

Step 3: Heat

put your recipient with your candle in the microwave

Step 4:

put your circuit in the hot wax

Step 5: Finish Step

when you has withdraw your circuit covered with a wax layer, set to cool

Step 6: It Is Finish

it is finish, now you has à cool watherproof circuit and you can put one in the wather!!!



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    This is a very nice and cost effective method for waterproofing electronics. Keep up the great work!