How to Make a 7 Inch Samsung Tab Case From K'nex

finished product

Step 1: The Stand

make one of these

Step 2: Back Support

make 6 of these

Step 3: Collect These

Step 4: Make One of These


Step 5: Collect These

Step 6: Make These

inner sides

Step 7: Make These


Step 8: Now Assemble

attach the stand

Step 9: Attach

use white bits to connect

Step 10: Clip In

clip the back supports in

Step 11: Attach

clip in the bottom

Step 12: Attach

clip 2 of the bits you collected and attach them as shown in the pictures

Step 13: Look Carefully

on the right sideattach this here

Step 14: Attach

attach the elastic band like shown in the picture

Step 15: Clip

clip spare white bits in where shown



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    7 Discussions

    knex slinger

    4 years ago

    also what should I make next?

    knex slingerhunter999

    Reply 4 years ago

    Cheers. I couldn't actually take a picture of my tablet inside the case because that's what I was using to tale the pictures.