How to Make a Air-soft Sniper (inexpensive)




Introduction: How to Make a Air-soft Sniper (inexpensive)

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this is the beginning and the end

Step 1: You Will Need...

a max force shadow hawk (from target or Walmart)
air soft bullets 

Step 2: Loading It

make sure the clip is all the way in
muzzle load it

Step 3: SHOOT

let er rip

(that hole is about two feet tall and 6 inches wide and not from the gun)



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    13 Discussions

    You could buy a co2 pistol at Walmart for the same price as the Nerf gun, and it would out perform anything this gun could do.

    1 reply

    I have absolutely no idea where to get the gun. That's sad considering I want to do this so much.

    2 replies

    no i was in big trouble and my mom was walking me through the hall and i tripped and fell through it