How to Make a Anbu Mask

Introduction: How to Make a Anbu Mask

I was planning on making a mask from paper mache and i decided to do this anbu mask from Naurto. This is my first instructable so be easy on me. Just so you know in the pic abouve the mask is not finished.

Hear are the things you will need,

a bowl or plastic container

newspapers (lots)

scissors and a cutting blade

3 cups water

2 cups white flour

a plain white mask (you can also use foil)

a surface to work on

white tape (not needed but can be used)

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Take your plain white mask (or foil) and set it down on a hard surface. If using foil shape it to your face.

Next mix your flour and water and cut your newspaper into strips. Then gently layer them on your mold of your face. Cover the entire mask. Make sure they overlap. Let the first layer dry. Repeat about 4 times for now.

Step 2: Cut Your Eyes Out!!!

Next be very super careful and cut a slit where you want the eyes. Next slowly cut the layers until you have a hole.

stick a sharpie or other round thing to smooth out the hole and make it bigger. Next paper mache the eyes by take a strip and feeding it through to clean out the stuff or you can tape the inside by using strips going in a circle.

Now do about 6 more layers of paper mache (or less more the stronger) remeber to let each layer dry fully.

Step 3: Finishing Layer

Now use paper towels and layer very carefully on the mask do this at least twice. Then paint the mask white.

Step 4: MASK

Now you can paint the mask how ever you want. ENJOY!!!!!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Pretty good! Will you be adding some pics of it painted? I'd love to see how it turned out.

    Please leave a comment and hopefully my next instructable will look a bit better sorry about that and give me some tips hope you guys liked it.


    Reply 5 years ago

    I started doing mask a bit ago and found that plaster of Paris wrap was much easier and more durable you can get it at just about any craft store or