How to Make a Basic Head for Beginners (all of the Face and Chin Etc.)



Introduction: How to Make a Basic Head for Beginners (all of the Face and Chin Etc.)

this is my second instructable and is a bit more difficult as the other but down't worry about you're picture.
just follow my instructions and you get it!

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Step 1: The Materials

you need a few things for this drawing

1x   HB pensil
1x   B2 pensil
1x  H2 pensil

1x ruler
1x eraser
1x A4 paper (or more larger)


Step 2: The Lines for the Head (not the Shape of the Head Self) Part 1

1. you make a vertical line in the middle (straight)
2. than make a line horizontal 1 CM.  (0.39 inch) above the middle 

Step 3: The Lines for the Head , Part 2

1.   a.      you make 2 lines on the horizontal line , 8 cm left and right of the middle (3.15 inch)
       b.      you make 2 lines on the vertical line , 10 cm above and under the middle (3.94 inch)

2.   a.       you make on the line above the middle a flat ,convex line and under you make a  
                pointed convex line
      b.       you make on the lines left and right a flat convex line so as you can see in the picture       

3.  than i have the lines connected so you can see in the picture

this is very important to do !!!  make lines by exatly 2 cm (0.79 inch) of the middle by all of the lines so as the picture 

now you have the shape of the head and the lines for the eyes, mouth , etc.

Step 4: The Eyes

1. make two circles on the second line, horizontal , each 1,3 cm (or slightly larger or smaller)
2. make two more circles in the other circles 

this are your pupils 

3. make what on the picture is , because it's hard to explain
4. erase the rest of the circle  (above)
5. now you have a choice you can self determine. this are the lines above your eye, this are not the
6. i have chosen for the normal lines 
7. now you can make the eyebrows on the picture or your own eyebrows
8. now you make tiny lines in the shape of the eyebrow , this are the hair of the eyebrows
9. so you must make the eye brows (make sure the hair go to the left)
10. now you make a triangle, this are the lightnings of your eye
11. make lines in the eye ,but not inside the middle circle and not in the triangle.
12.color the eye in.


Step 5: The Nose

the nose is a easier part.

1. a. begin by the second line and make a half egg as you can see 
     b. make the nose like the picture
     c. than you make the nostrils, don't worry if they are big or small

2. make the shadow by the eyes to make depth.
    just make everything like the picture

Step 6: The Ears

this inow you make the ears

1. the ears are max. the hight of the eyebrows and under max. above the nostrils
    than make a glove inside the ears an make a bow
    read the yellow boxes
    if you want a girl you can make earrings

Step 7: The Mouth

thes1. make the mouth between the middle of the eyes and on the center line of the remaining lines  (third line) like the picture and make the shape that on  the picture is

2. make the shadow on the second lip

4. make the two lines above the mouth where the yellow box around it is

Step 8: The Last Part , the Neck

this is the final part for your head

1. make the lines in the neck and your are finished (you can make possibly a t-shirt or something like that

Step 9: Extra: If You Want Make Hear

i have no picture for this because you can make your own capsel make the shape of your hear and than make  the hears in it

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