How to Make a Batch Game Have Choices



OK i know another person on this site covered this but i found it a bit confusing and used a different site

by the way for all my Programming i use NOTEPAD++ it works great!

to learn this and if your thinking why isn't he doing a WARNING for his intro well this is not something to put my WARNING sign.

anyway lets get started.

LEGEND (as always)

%N% = means type what you want here (should be changed each time for technical reasons and in this situation change the numbers each time)

* = 1st time start and 2nd time stop coding here


@echo off



set /p input0=

if %input0% equ 1 goto START

if %input0% equ 2 exit


echo Explain input%N% means that this is a batch input

echo set /p is unknown even to me.

echo equ means equal

echo thank for using BATCH choice tutorial




Thank you for taking the time to learn its an honor to teach thou.



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