How to Make a Battery Heated Clothing

Introduction: How to Make a Battery Heated Clothing

it is very cold in winter, so if we can make a battery heated clothing. the winter would not cold again. firstly , you need to prepare a heated pad, for the heated pad you can buy from the market, and than you can sew the heated pad to your jacket or vest. and than you need to buy a battery box. we recommend to use the AA battery , it is cheap , and easy to buy , we use 6pcs AA battery , the voltage would be 9V, and than you can connect the heated pad with the battery box. it would be work well. the only thing is that how to get the heated pad, we can supply it . you can sent me a email : you also can refer this website: they can supply the heated pad and some accessories. they also can tell you how to DIY the heated gloves, motorcycle heated jacket etc. following is the heated pad pciture, you only need to sew it to you jacket . and than ,you can use a 5V,2A USB, power bank as the power, please make sure the power bank's Max output can be reached to 2A, so that the it is warm enough. you also can get the the heated pad for neck pain, waist pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, etc, this heated pad is very cheap. you dont need to buy the battery , you only need to connect it to the cell phone charger or the power bank. you can vist : , to get the heated pad which you need .



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    Hello, I am wanting to make a cloth heated pad that is battery operated but I want out to have a heat setting control. Do you have any ideas on how I can make one? Please let me know. Thank you, Nancy

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    Hi, you could use a potentiometer, a variable resistor in the circuit, twisting the knob on them will increase or decrease resistance. Also, the spark fun heating pads are 5 dollars a pop, cheaper than those advertised.

    Hello,i am wanting to make a heated cloth pad that is battery operated but i want it to have a heart setting control on it. Do you have any ideas on how to construct it? Thank you for your time, i look forward to hearing from you. Nancy

    sorry to delay reply . We are too busy. I see some people want to buy this heated pad and sent the email to us. because it is really a little difficult to buy the material . so we recommend you to buy the heat pad and battery from us directly and sew the heated pad to the clothing directly. I know there are many kinds of the heated clothing in the market, it is easy to buy the heat clothing. but not all the people like those heated clothing style. if you get the heated pad and battery from us , you can sew it to any kinds of the clothing which you like. we can sell it . the mini order is 10 set( include the 7,4V ,2500 mA battery ,charger ,and heated pad). the price is :25USD/set. this battery can be lasted heat 2-6 hours. any question please sent the email to or vist :

    cathy, these pads look like they would work great. please make post the rest of the instructable on how you made yours.

    just the heaetd pad is difficult to buy the material , so we recommend to buy it directly .

    Because this is instructables. I'd rather make something myself than buy it. I agree with zack, this is borderline spam. If there were actual, coherent, step-by-step instructions that would be different.