How to Make a Bow and Arrow(traditionly)




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this will show u how to make a real bow and arrow the real way!!!
u will need:
an axe,
a knife,
a cocking pot or pan,
matches or a lighter,
wood(from a pine tree),
string(string,lether or something of the sort)
and a rock.

Step 1: The Bow

this is the important part. u will need 1,5 meters of wood(pine tree recommended) or as much as the ur height. take ur string and tie a knot at the the edge of the bow and then wrap the rope 3 times around the knot and the same thing i recommend    that the space in between the string and the bow is about 45 degrees. p.s.u can find pine at the edge of a river it grows on the side of the river it has a bend in it most of the time.

Step 2: The Cheap Arrow

this is the best way to make an arrow from wood.u will need to find a strait branch that is the Leigh of ur arm or longer if to long just cut it. it must have 0,5cm to 1cm of thickness take of all small twigs on the branch so its as round as posible then charpen the tip with a knife sharpen the tip and ur done or go to next step  .p.s.go to next step if u want a real native style arrow.

Step 3: The Professional Arrow

i recommend that u have and adults help in this step.get a small fire going but first go find some tree sap and but it in a u must fire harden the stick hold it up to the fire 5 seconds per area on the stick so that it cooks the make a stone arrow head smash the rock on the ground or on a bigger rock Intel u see a good shard that can be used.okay ounce u star the fire wait 10 min and collect the burn wood that is black. collect about 1 tbls of it and crush it into powder with a rock or a mortar and pilon melt. the tree sap in the pan over the fire intel its a liquid mix the powder quick now sread it on the tip of the arrow and the botom of the arrow head stick them to getter and let it dry.p.s.the mixture dryes realy fast so dont take ur time.

Step 4: Finished

ok just saying im not responsible for any damages on injuries and also dont use it for hunting because it will not be legal.have fun and please add a comment and a good rating



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    2 years ago

    Great article. You seem extremely knowledgeable about bows. Question for you..would this be a decent survival/hunting bow. I realize it's not a compound bow, which is the popular option for hunting, but I'm thinking of this for just a survival kit type of bow. It's smaller and a little lighter than most full size hunting bows. If anyone has thoughts or suggestions I'd be grateful. Thanks.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks so much for sharing this Sanagol. I think I will try to build this type of bow and arrow, however, it would have helped to see pictures of the actual bow and artow you built. Thanks so much anyways.

    As for a lot of the commenters, please do not post comments that are off the subject. He is showing us how to build something, not how to write properly. Let us not discourage young instructable members from sharing their ideas and projects.
    I have attended many workshops for many things in my life and a lot of the presenters barely spoke English. I would't have learned anything had I placed too much importance on their ability to speak or write properly.

    1 reply

    6 years ago on Introduction

    I recently made some bows from ash. I finished my first arrow last night. I posted my first arrow here. See my 'ible about a "Cedar Bow Rack". Picture of my first arrow is there ! I must have some Native American blood in me! Not sure, its possible these things can happen without any knowledge of ancestry documents going way back in time.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Love that your an expert on weaponry at 13, that's impressive! My only complaint is that it was difficult to understand at times.. So now you can tackle proper grammer to make you're instructables easier to comprehend!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I read the complete thing and had no problem understanding what was said.


    It looks like it would turn out well but I can not understand anything you are talking about with the tree sap.It would be great if you used complete words and full sentences.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    So... did you actually make a bow? Because I don't see one. I think one of the judging criteria is "successful completion."


    7 years ago on Introduction

    While I commend the effort, it would be a far far better 'ible if you took the time to type out complete words. You aren't texting this to a friend, you are writing it up as an instruction for others to follow.

    Along the same vein, there is a huge wealth of information you're missing in this 'ible. Browse some of the many other fletching or bowmaking 'ibles on this site, or on the web, and you can find far more detail not only on how to build it, but the theory behind proper bowmaking as well... as one example, knowing why it is roughly the same height as you are tall can make a huge difference to someone, depending on the style of archery they wish to employ...