How to Make a Bow'n'arrow




                  this is a how to on how to make a bow'n'arrow that has a range of about 80 feet and it only involves 4 pieces (i apologize if i just blew your mind, it happens to me all the time)  you may be thinking to yourself, how is this possible? it is quite simple just read the rest of the instructable!   

Step 1: Materials Needed

          piece of PVC (about as big as in the picture).

         a strip of nylon cord (about as long as in the picture)

         duct tape (i chose red cause its a magical color)

         arrows (sorry but you have to buy them at dicks unless you want to try to make them on your own)

         saw (i used the saw built into my pocket knife and it worked just fine)

         common sense not to shoot your friends or light your arrows on fire or any other irresponsible but good ideas you have

Step 2: Assembly of Bow

         the first thing you do is use your saw to cut 2 ridges that are across from eachother about half an inch deep each.   do this on both sides of the PVC pipe but make sure the ridges on both sides of the bow align with eachother.   after that, tie the string around the notches on 1 side then tie it to the other leaving not much excess inbetween the two ends.  then cover the ends with duct tape (as shown in the picture).  but also cut up the duct tape so the string is not ripping it or pulling it off

Step 3: The Arrow

           go to dicks and buy an arrow  (in the pic is a good brand to buy)

Step 4: Other Stuff



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    5 years ago

    Its really easy to make an arrow and very cheap. And it feels better if you lose it because it wasnt that expensive and you can just make a new one.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I think you could to heat the middle areas a little so you can bend the pvc. it could hurt bad when the string hits your forearms.

    but if you are concerned about the strength of the string, you can use 2 pieces of it , then use some electrical tape or someting else at two places around the center but leave a gap to make the nocking point

    i think it would be nice to have 4 inches of 20 mm pipe and insert the bow limbs inside the 20mm pipe. it will turn into a grip for the bow. then you can glue it in place or do other stuff to hold it there, or you can screw the grip to the bow

    i apologize. i messed up posting it cause i was tired and thought i was posting a different instructable i already posted.


    7 years ago on Step 4

    sorry there is nothing on the last step i screwed up but nothing important was on this step


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Ever consider adding fiberglass rods inside the PVC bow? They will increase the pound draw and therefore the arrow's power and range. Also, eventually the PVC will fatigue and loose strength unless you untie the bowstring. The fiberglass rods will prevent this. A good source for the rods I'm speaking about is old tent frame rods. Old tents can be had for cheap (Goodwill) or free (Craigslist).

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