How to Make a Bttf 2 Nike Mag Shoe

Introduction: How to Make a Bttf 2 Nike Mag Shoe

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i have always wanted a pair of nike mags ever science i saw back to the future 2. when i herd nike published limited edition nike mag for Parkinson's i jumped in excitement. i went straight to and found out the were selling for about 15,000 dollars and up. if ur a low budget guy like me u want to make nike mags don't u. well i made my nike mag for around $25.  

What u need:
*old pair of shoes (i used a pair of nike high tops)
* craft foam (red, light blue,dark blue, white, yellow, green) $ 0 .75(each)
*duct tape (white and grey ) about  $4.00 each
*blue spray paint  $8.00
* exacto- knife (already had) 
* hot glue and sticks (already had)         

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    4 years ago

    Please tell how to make it dude


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Im making a pair too but with L.E.D light ups auto lacing and everything (detail wise) is gunna be crafting foam and professional shoe painting equiptment for around $50