How to Make Yourself a Bungee Kite!




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A very fun, cheap, endless fun on a not-so-blustery day!

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Step 1: The Things You Will Need....

You will need about 50 3" rubber bands(you could use more, for more elastic fun!)

A kite (I am not sure if using different kinds would matter, but my shark kite does perfect.

Something to anchor the rubber bands (i used my swing set).

An open treeless area.

Step 2: Step One!

first string all your rubber bands together

Each loop, i used the rubber band, to form a larks head knot, repetitively, for each band. 

Step 3: Step Number 2!

now cut the string from the kite but not too far up

Make sure, you have a loop, to attach a rubber band too!

Step 4: Step 3, Tie It Up!

Now, tie, the end opposite of the one on the kite, to an anchor, it works best, if the anchor point is not directly on the ground, but it will work if that's your only option.

Step 5: Step 4, Pull!

Now, pull the kite back as far as you think you can without breaking the rubber, if the rubber does break, it can be VERY PAINFUL. i managed about 94ft. Good luck.

Step 6: Step 5! Hope It Does Not Snap, and Let Go!


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    10 years ago on Step 6

    my rubber bands kept snapping at about 100 feet still have huge welts