How to Make a Cheap and Easy Firework!!!

this is a simple project and all materials can be found at wal-mart

Step 1: Materials

1 ping pong ball
aluminum foil

Step 2: Preperations

cut out a square piece of aluminum foil (5x5 inches)
now take your ping pong ball and cut it in half
then continue to cut the halves in half and keep doing this until you have very small pieces left
this will take patience (maybe about 5 to 15 minutes)

Step 3: Almost Done!!!

next put all of the ping pong pieces onto the foil
now bring the sides up so that it makes a bowl shape
now pinch all the sides up at the top and twist so that it looks like image 3

Step 4: Lighting Your Firework

now take your firework and lighter outside
and hold the firework in one hand and the lighter in the other
hold the flame of the lighter under the rounded end of the firework
hold until you start seeing white smoke come out of it then throw it on the ground

technically it's a smoke bomb
i called it a firework because sometimes it doesn't smoke instead it will shoot flames out the side of it which is still cool

I hope everyone enjoys this instructable.  please comment and suscribe
thank you



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