How to Make a Clay Mario




Introduction: How to Make a Clay Mario

Step 1: Starting the Head

1: first take white clay take a little off and make a small ball for the nose and a big ball for the head. 

2: now take black clay and roll it along the table making it long and skinny for the mustache you can make it anyway you want.

3: take the two white pieces and stick them to each other. Then take the mustache and place it under the little white ball as shown below.

Step 2: Marios Hat

1:To make Mario's hat first take red clay and mold it in to a hat similar to the 2nd picture make sure the hat is roughly fits on top of the head make sure its not to big and not to small.

2: Making the logo on his hat you'll need white and red clay take a little bit of white clay and press it down on the table making it into a circle as in picture 3 then take it and stick it on the raised part of the hat.

3: now take the red clay roll it out so its skinny then take the skinny red clay and shape it into an M as shown in the last picture.

Step 3: The Eyes / Eyebrows / Ears

1: For the eyes you'll have to take black,white and blue clay you wont need much just take little bit of white , blue and black and flatten them on the table then repeat this step again so you have 2 eyes.

2: Take brown clay roll it out then cut 2 small pieces off for the eyebrows now stick the eyes on then the eye brows above the eyes

3: Now take two little pieces of white clay and press them on the table making them round then make one side flat the  flat part is going to be the part that stick to the side of the head like shown in the last picture .

Step 4: The Hair / Sideburns

1: To make the hair take a piece of brown clay and make it flat on the table as shown.

2: roll 4 little balls of brown clay

3: take the 4 balls and evenly place them apart at the edge of the flat brown clay 

4: flip the clay over and and form the clay over the clay balls

5: then roll out brown clay and cut 2 pieces off of it for his side burns

6: now take the hair you just made and stick it to the back of of his head under his hat making sure the bumps you made in the clay are at the bottom then take the 2 little pieces of clay and stick  them to his head around the ear making it look like his sideburns.

Step 5: Shoes

 1: take a big piece of brown clay and rip it in half make 2 pieces then roll them into two balls try to make them the same size.

2: now take one of the balls and form it into a shoe shape as in the pictures then do the same to the other ball

Step 6: The Body

1: You take blue clay and you make a body,
Then you take two other pieces that are roughly the same size and roll them into legs. 
The next step is making a torso out of red clay. 

2: Break a tooth pick in half that is shown in the next picture and place it in the torso. 

3. Now attach the torso to the body, and then the legs to the body as shown in the third picture. 

4: Now take the shoes you made in the last step and attach them to the bottom of the feet

Step 7: Suspenders

1: take blue clay and roll it out into a long piece then cut it in half as shown

2: now take two little yellow pieces of clay and roll them into little balls

3: take the two pieces of blue clay you just made and apply them to the body  as shown in picture 3 and 4 

4: after applying the blue pieces take the little yellow balls and apply them under the blue straps making it look like buttons in last picture

Step 8: The Arms

1: For the arms you'll need two pieces of red clay the same size roll them out so there a little long then apply them to the stubs that are already there as in the picture 1 & 2

Step 9: Hands

1: for the hands its simple all you need is white clay rolled into 2 balls roughly the same size as the arms

2:then apply them to the ends of the arms

Step 10: The Neck

1: take a piece of red clay roll it into a small ball  then place it on the tooth pick you put in the body then mold it to look like a neck.

Step 11: Completing Mario

1: after adding the neck take the head you made at the start and place it on the tooth pick press it down firmly.

after adding the head you have completed your very own MARIO !!!

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    Mr. Noack
    Mr. Noack

    8 years ago on Introduction

    Andrew!! Congrats on your featured instructable. I look forward to your animations. Timmies or Subway?


    8 years ago on Introduction

    That is just too cute! Love that you broke the assembly down into so many steps. :D