How to Make a Cube




About: my brother who is a member already signed me up and added me as his friend. hope you to ,and enjoy my instructables. =) =D

Intro: How to Make a Cube

follow the steps and you'll be fine

Step 1: Pieces You Need

Step 2: Step #1

Step 3: Step#2

Step 4: You Should Get This Piece.

Step 5: Repeat Steps2-4

Step 6: Connect the Pieces

Step 7: Look at the Picture.

Step 8: Connect to the Other Piece You Saw Previously

Step 9: Almost There

Step 10: One More Time

Step 11: And You Are Done

enjoy break it up again and keep doing it until you can master it. enjoy



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    Looks fun. Good instructions too. Though I'd suggest that you make some photos of the magnetic parts too, to make it a little clearer.
    Welcome to the site, and have fun :D

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    if you people want to see the next thing that can be made from this ball

    hears a challenge this must reach 200 likes to see the next inscrutable.

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