How to Make a Dress a Skirt Then a Dress

Have you ever wondered how to make a dress a new dress with only a shirt and a dress without anything like sewing it or anything?

well now you can! What you will need is:

shirt (long sleeve or short depending on the time of year)

dress (can be favorite or not)

Step 1: First Get Your Items

First you need to find your dress you want to use for this project. Then you need to find a cute or pretty shirt to go with your outfit.

Step 2: Tuck Her In

Next you will be tucking in your dress the part you will be tucking in is the top part of your dress. Then you will only have the skirt part.

Step 3: Tuck Her in Two

you will be tucking in your shirt you choose in the skirt of your formal dress now you have your newly dress without even sewing!



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