How to Make a Cheap and Easy Speaker for Mp3,ipod,etc

About: thank you sunshiine for supporting me : ) i am mahmoud , i live in Egypt , i like to inventing new things form junk and old toys and
how to make a easy and cheap speaker 
 it is easy but not loud and don't use big speaker
and if you want speaker for ipod or mobile phone (any thing that the jack not 3.5 audio jack, you can change the jack.)
and if you have any question post it in comment and Hope this helps!

You will need:
- Speaker and a 3.5 audio jack.
-Jar lid that the speaker can fit into nicely.
-Electric tape 

Step 1: Supplies

you will need:

3.5 audio jack
jar lid
and Electric Tabe



Step 2: Make the Caselike

Cut the lid as shown for the wire. It needed a period after wire.

Step 3: Connect the Wires

Connect the jack wire to the speaker wire as shown

Step 4: Secure Every Thing and It Is Ready to Test!

Secure every thing and it is ready to test!



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    13 Discussions

    SGT. Desert

    6 years ago on Introduction

    totaly cool!!!!!!!!!of the chain!!!! BUT i sued a 1600 volt bass thing i taked out of a broken consert speaker THEN i tured it in to a home demolisher 3 heavy duty amps N a clasic polished wood box and a woofer and a sub woofer ps its 3 feet in 3 feet wowow


    6 years ago on Introduction

    you need amplifier
    when you put speaker without amplifier you can damage mp3 output

    1 reply

    7 years ago on Introduction

    The sound improves dramatically when you put the speaker in a box. The box size must be not so small.

    1 reply