Finger Snowboard





Introduction: Finger Snowboard

my friends are wonderin how i made this so imma show you

Step 1: Materials

hot glue
wood glue or tacky glue
laquer/clear coat
a can filled with water
pen or pencil or a marker
and a tech deck/fingerboard withour trucks

and a printer

Step 2: Plywood

first with the plywood you take your fingerboard and trace around it.
make sure you trace to of them
then you cut it out.
next you take you wood/tacky glue and you smear it around with your finger.
then you stack them and let it dry for a few hours.
after that you file down with the filer and then make it smoother by sanding it down with sandpaper
and after that you have one more step with the ply wood.
all you have to do is laquer/clear coat it.
clearcoating it will prevent the ply wood to get messed up.

Step 3: Looking for the Fingerskates

'''''''''''''''to get the skates to put on your bored you have to go to youtube.
then type in how to make fingerskates.
then click the 2nd vid that says how to make fingers rollerblades
then you go to the description and click more info.
then click on the link.
a window will pop up you maximize it and scroll down until you see diy paper skates.
then you right click it and press print.
make sure you print 2 of them.

Step 4: Putting the Skates Together

'once you printed them out you will need to cut them out.
then fold all the little corners.
then tape em up.
then your gonna get ready to put it all together.

Step 5: Putting It All Together!!!

'after you have done all of that you have to put the skates and the board to make a fingersnowboard.
all you have to do is take your hot glue and glue the skates to the board.
make sure the skates are not to close and not to far.

Step 6: Fingersnowboard!!!!

after your all dont you have a fingersnowboard!!!
this is actualy really fun to play with.
so go on and snow board!!!



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    17 Discussions

     did u just make that board??

    if you dont have tech decks like me u could use popssicle or ice lolly sticks

    if you didnt understand some of my typing then please tell me cause my parents are from a different country and so sometimes my english is bad. and also sometimes im not good at typing... so yeah... hope you like it!!!

    1 reply

    its cool but the bindings look suckish ,any way to make them look better?

    I LOVE IT, lol i am an all out tech decker and my friends try to keep up when at my house but they always try to do a grind or something and lose the deck across the room, i made 3 of these and har-dee-harr they loved it, one thing i changed tho is that you may want to extend the board out a little more on each side just like a real snoboard cause it looks a little sketchy, but thats just a cosmetic design. anyway, love it lots, i made mine out of roofing tiles also just so ya know, anyway LATE!

    i made one to but i made mine all from scratch i used this thin card board stuff tape and construction paper.very awesome!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ by wicked productions

    That's pretty cool. One suggestion, with the YouTube video on how to make "finger skates," I think you should just embed the video. This will make it easier for other people and still works even if the order of the search changes.

    2 replies

    Hey instead of taking pictures of the screen. Just press the prt scr button on your keyboard. usually above insert. then open paint and hit paste. way better than taking a picture.

    NEAT-O! great, just because i suck with the finger skateboards !