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 OK have you ever wanted to go fishing but you don't have enough for a fishing rod? well im going to show you how to make a fishing device out of a soda can. Its very cheap to make! Think about it a soda can is pretty much free and worth a nickel!

Step 1: Materials

-Soda can (i used Pepsi)

-Fishing line or string  (i used a 12 pound resistant string)

-Fishing hook(s) (you can use 2 if you want i used a small and a large one)

-scissors or cutting tool

-rock with a notch would be a good(used as a sinker, or u can buy a sinker)

-some good working hands

Step 2: Attaching the String Onto the Soda Can

OK so what you want to do is push the tab or can opener on the can upward and put the fishing string through it. You want to get enough in there so that you can tie it tightly various times.

Step 3: Making Your Reel

To make your reel, wrap the string attached to the tab around the can not too tight and not too loose. Wrap about 30-50 feet around the can depending on how far you want it to go. after you have the string on there cut it and hold onto the end.

Step 4: Putting on the Sinker (rock)

Get your rock and wrap the fishing line around the rock's notches and bumps, so that the rock doesn't slip away.  Put a few good knots on your sinker.

Step 5: Tying the Hooks

 Stick your line through the hook leaving some extra line and use your favorite knot to tie the hook. Then add the second hook right below it.

Step 6: Now That Your Done!

 Heres some instructions i drew up, I didnt have time to post up a video but i think you guys will get the idea. 1)Just point the can towards where you want it to go. 2)get an arm length of line in on hand and spin it backward. 3)keep the can in your direction you want it to go. 4) let go! and the sinker will cause it to cast pretty far. 5) To reel it in just roll it up quickly just like in step 3. (wear gloves if your going for big fish, the line can cut you.



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    WARNING: I've made a few of these and found that the hook is very hard to set at the right time(especially on smaller fish like brim bluegill, etc.). Make sure that you use a very small hook or the fish will take you're bread all day. I've had that happen to me and it is no fun, :_(

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    I've caught many bluegill and sunfish with this type of fishing rig. I sort of just drop it to where the fish are. bluegill are not very smart and will eat anything.


    8 years ago on Step 6

    aww that's pretty cool! I remember my dad making us stick poles when we were kids to fish with, before we were coordinated enough to cast. just hook, string and stick to dip the hook in the water with.
    This is definitely a step up or three. thank so much!! I have grandkids that might enjoy this.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    If you use an old glass Coke bottle (you could probably use one of the new ones if you didn't wind the fishing line on too tight) you can wind the fishing line onto the waist of the bottle. Grab a hold of the neck of the bottle with your left hand and swing your line with your right. As you let go of the line it will naturally feed off the bottle.  I picked up from my father when he first taught me how to fish back in 1965 .   

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Good work, this is an excellent and useful device. When I was a boy, years 1950-1960, my dad did one of these but using a bigger can (from peaches in syrup). He put a "handle" whith a little piece of broomstick nailed as diameter in the inner. So it is easier to grip it. Besides, greater the diameter of the can, less the mess with the thread.

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