How to Make a Fixed Blade Knife With Minimal Tools

Introduction: How to Make a Fixed Blade Knife With Minimal Tools

in this instructable, I'll teach you how to make a fixed blade knife with only two power tools: angle grinder, and drill

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Step 1: Tools

1: drill
2: angle grinder (with cutting and sanding disc)
3: hammer
4: safety glasses
5: sharpie
6: gorilla glue

Step 2: Materials

1: wood (or any other kind of handle material)
2: steel
3: leather (or any other kind of spacer)

Step 3: Rough Draft

draw out what you want your knife to look like on the steel. make sure to include the tang (part of knife that goes inside the handle)

Step 4: Rough Cut-out

clamp your steel in a vice, or to the table. Then use the cutting disc for the angle grinder on the steel.

Step 5: Sand the Steel

after you cut out the blade, it's gonna look pretty crappy. so use the sanding disc for the angle grinder on the steel.

Step 6: Attach Handle

gorilla glue the handle material into the tang. start with a spacer then attach the handle. make sure you using gorilla glue, not super glue. gorilla glue expands when it dries, to hold the handle on.

Step 7: Let the Glue Dry

place the knife blade side up under somthing heavy, like a shelf. and wait.....

Step 8: Final Sand

smoothen out the knife for the final time to make it look good.


your done! now brag that knife around to your buddies, and maybe try to sell it!

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    4 years ago

    horrible knife making instructions