How to Make a Flame Thrower From a Bb Gun

im going to tell you how to make a flamethrower from a cheep air soft gun.

Step 1:

you will need......

1 cheap bb gun (i got mine from a $1 shop)

a bic lighter

a match box

3 matches

knife or wire cutters

Step 2:

now the bb gun has to be a cheep little one like the ones you see in walmart as the 5 yr olds toys

i cant find any pics and my camera i destroyed to make a tazer.

now unscrew the gun and you will find a little bit that pings forward to hit the bullet. stick with superglue or pva but try to keep it on the bit (not the sides) and stick a match on there

and further up a bit off the sides of a matchbox

Step 3:

stick it tunneled around the pipe just enough to fit a match through but scrape it.

and resist the temptation to shoot. lol(i didnt and burned all the hair on my arm off didnt know it was on fire)

now further on where the pipe nearly finishes cut a small hole with youre knife or wire cutters cut off the bottom and stick with more glue a lighter with the gas button out the bottom of the gun

i didnt want little idiots with there wee guns to make this so i dont have any pictures coz that would help them losse there eyebrows.

Step 4:

finally you let gas out through the front of the gun for 5-7 seconds and pull the trigger if all goes well than u should get a flame thrower if not u will burn yourself.



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