How to Make a Flying Toy That Flies Called a Tinky Tonk

Introduction: How to Make a Flying Toy That Flies Called a Tinky Tonk

this is a new toy i made to play with, it should take 30 to 60 mins. to start go to step one

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Step 1:

First  you will need some tools, a drill,xacto nife, marker,mesureing tape,ruler any size, 1 15* by 20*cm long plank, and a 15*cm by 10*mm plank

Step 2:

now   you draw a long  ovel in the bourd (exbellow)

Step 3:

then you make a hole in the center of the ovel(ex bellow)useing a drill

Step 4:

now you cut the  outside of the ovel, then carve the ovel so it looks like a helicopter blade of a helicopter, usethenife or xacto nife i prefer xacto nife

Step 5:

it should look like this

Step 6:

now you put a stick,pencil or anything long and round, i used apencil,

Step 7:

the finished result, it should look something like this

now your done and go have fun!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    this was a project i made at school and my teacher told me to post it and want someone yo have fun with this! so enjoy