How to Make a Freddy Flogger or for Copyright Reasons a Frightfull Flogger



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you will need one freddy glove
a 6ft long bungie cord or any other material you would like for the falls
a xacto   knife
a hot glue gun

and a tooth pick or 2

Step 1: Step One

 take the freddy glove and snip the blades off the glove and cut a square hole in the tips 

Step 2:

next take the bungee cord or if you are using a different material then go on to the next step
now your doing to have to cut away at the fabric to get to the rubber inside
as a side note not all bungie cords are the same on the inside so where the cord is bent over on the ends look inside to  see whats   in side

Step 3:

now that the black rubber is free its time to hot glue the ends to the inside of the tips of the glove

Step 4:

once the falls and threaded threw the hole a little hot glue now its going to take a moment to set so use the tooth pick to hold the ends down as the glue cools

Step 5:

and there you have it a diffrent take on a flogger



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