How to Make a Gigantic Dragon or Dinosaur Costume




Introduction: How to Make a Gigantic Dragon or Dinosaur Costume

Hello this is my first instructable. I have built for this Halloween a 15 foot long Dragon costume. This costume is a lot like those walking with dinosaurs costumes you see in the show except for they have millions of dollars to make each Dragon costume and  this will be very inexpensive I spent may be $10 maximum on it. depending on how much of the materials you already have you might pay more but it is still worth it.

Step 1: You Will Need

First you're going to want to come up with a design on paper of what you want your specific costume to look like. Personally I started by modeling mine after a Hungarian horn tail. But then it was stolen and I had to remake the head and landed on making it look a little different so rule number one do not leave your Dragon or dinosaur costume outside on homecoming night.Another thing make sure that you have a long time before the next Halloween because this is going to be a lengthy process depending on how big you decide to make it and how much free time you have. Once you have designed your costume you can get to work on making it you're going to need wire fence or chicken wire you will need a variety of tools including pliers needle nose and paper for paper-mâché and paper-mâché paste or you will need to have another way of putting the skin on your costume. You will need fabric, needles, wire , strong sewing thread, some spare pieces of wood and sticks that are laying around screws and a few more items to depending on what you are using this costume for and what you wanted it to be able to do. A certain amount of this will be trial and error this is mostly just pointers on how to do this.

Step 2: Shaping the Skeleton

First you will want to get your chicken wire or wire fence out you will start shaping it to whatever shape you want your costume to be. use the wire to connect all the pieces together. You might want to use the pliers for this step. and wear gloves!!!

Step 3: Begining to Put the Skin On

Next are going to want to sew  the fabric to the belly of the dinosaur or Dragon you can also cut a slit where you're going to be sitting in the Dragon or dinosaur. You're going to want to insert some type of harness or backpack straps before you begin sewing around the this step you also need to sew on the legs and sew some kind of screen on so that you can see where you're going.Also I would put a cushion on your back or you will hurt your back.

Step 4: Ensure That Everything Is Working and Begin Paper Maching

In this step you are going to sew with wire some old tennis shoes to the inside of the feet. Then you're going to want to put the costume on and walk around to ensure that it fits and everything works. Then you're going to want to mix papier-mâché paste and collect all the newspapers you have and the newspapers your neighbors have. Find a good place big enough to do your papier-mâché collect a few friends and family and begin paper maching this process is a good time to bond with family and friends.

Step 5: Painting Your Costume

In this step you will be painting your costume I would suggest using a water-resistant coat first and then spray paint to get that realistic color using a variety of colors and be sure to cover completely .Also you can use small brushes or air brushes  for detail.

Step 6: The Video

Thank you to my friends and family for helping me on this build and thank-you for reading and please leave a comment and enjoy the video.          

 the video 

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