How to Make a Great Bacon & Egg Bagel Sandwich

Introduction: How to Make a Great Bacon & Egg Bagel Sandwich

when i was in high school  in the later years i did vocational training (basically the school made you work for free) well at one  of the places i worked was at a bakery. the bakery was a typical mom and pop bakery / dinner type of place only open for breakfast and lunch and one of the best thing on the menu there was a bacon and egg bagel sandwich. saddly only after 3 months or so of working there the owner  was retiring and sold off the bakery so since then i have yet to have a good bagel sandwich since dunkin donuts just doesn't cut it.

also for those who look at alot of my instructables cooking is one of my first great hobbies, i am actually more known for baking cookies and cake around my friends and family as well as being the video game/ tinkering guy. i've always wanted to make a cooking instructable without giving away any of my recipes since i only have a few but really good ones so i thought this was a great thing to post after i just made and ate one.

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Step 1: The Food Stuff You Need

some butter
cheese if you please

toaster (if you want it toasted)
pan and heating source
something to beat/ scramble the eggs in if you dont want your eggs sunny side up
spatula/ bowl scrapper and it much be able to be used in the hot pan, its the only way to scramble eggs
and any thing else you normaly use to cook bacon, eggs and a bagel

Step 2: The Bagel

this is pretty single buy or make your favorite type of bagel make sure its fresh and soft or your eggs will squish out when you bite into the hard bagel.

first things first cut your bagel in half (carefully) with a serenaded knife normally good to cut bread

now you have 3 options

#1 use the bagel as is
#2 toast it with a toaster
#3heat up a pan with some melted butter and toast up the surface of the bagell

Step 3: ITS BACONNNNN!!!!!

now for this instructable sadly all i had was pre cooked bacon...sorry :(

just fry up some bacon the way you normally do it, once you have you bacon to your liking drain off some of the grease and leave a little to fry your eggs in, or drain it all if you just want to use butter.

Step 4: Eggs

chose how many eggs you woulld like 2 use, for my bagel 2 eggs was a perfect amount but you can always use 1,egg if you want a little or 3 if you want alot.

i like scrambled eggs alot more then sunny side up but this can work with either

so scramble up your eggs dont mix any milk or water in the eggs like some people do.

heres how i make a great scrambled egg thats nice and fluffy and always cooked right.  heat you pan up to medium heat, melt a little butter on the pan, if the butter browns lower the heat and try again. take your beaten eggs and pour it into the pan fast the second it hits the pan scrape and move the eggs around as much as you can making sure they dont dry out. when the eggs still look a little under cooked pull them off they will continue to cook and firm up from the residual heat (just like cooking pasta).

Step 5: Stack the Sammich

i don't think i need to explain how to put together a sandwich

Step 6: Enjoy

enjoy this as your breakfast , your lunch, lazy dinner or drunken 2am snack.

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