How to Make a Great Egg Beater to Make Ur Work More Easy

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im going to show you "DIY-How to make a modern Egg beater" i hope your grandma,mom or wife will like it. I think this is the easy way to blend a omelet or mayonnaise.
!DO it in your own risk!
Things will you need
1.a steel wire
2.a cone
3.a ball point use and throw pen
4.and pliyer
Now watch the video


Step 1: Making Spring

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watch the video at



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    4 years ago

    It would be more helpful to have the instructions in the Instructable along with the video. Some mobile devices don't do the vid link. This makes it difficult to know if this is a useful project.

    1 reply

    4 years ago

    ok i added a youtube video link of making this egg beater with instructions watch that.... i hope that will help you....