How to Make a Invisable File




to hide stuff from your parents :)

Step 1: Change Pic

ok now to change the picture

right click new folder>properties>customize>change icon>blank space>ok>apply>ok

Step 2: Change Name

right click>rename>alt+0160>enter

Step 3: Finshed Product

yay now you are done hide andthing you want!!!



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    10 years ago on Step 3

    better not hide any thing too important, a simple file search by file type will still search the directory, like searching computer for all .jpg and .jpeg files. But if no one is searching, then yea, that's pretty cool.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    this is clever I'll give you that but unfortunately it's not all that hidden. If your parents are like mine (and i would assume that many are) this would work flawlessly. If they're like me . . .good luck . . .a quick browse using windows explorer and you're found out. Password protected zip files are good but they draw attention to themselves now don't they? Your best bet is to hide things in plain sight under the guise of something else. The best way to hide files is to encrypt them and then employ steganography and hid them in music files or pictures. that's hard to do though(assuming you don't want a lot of "crapware" on your machine); especially if you're not too good at programming. I've been using the following for file hiding for a while now and it works pretty well . . .take your diary.doc (or whatever you're hiding) and rename it to something wierd like system.hid or something important looking but with a bogus extension and hide it in a new folder in your OS's directory (eg C:\WINDOWS ) called backup or something like that. . . it'll never be deleted and no one will give it a second glance.To use it simply change the extension back until you're done with it. (PS make sure you clear it out of "Recent Documents". If system files keep showing up there then they'll be checked out more closely. erm . . .i hope this doesn't come off as snobbish or anything . . .i just find these thing intriguing and would like to share some of the things i've discovered Slainte!

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    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    I agree with you Kaelessin. Your explanation is the best :) Personally i use a program that hides files and folders. The reason I use it mainly is because it can go into stealth mode. It is completely hidden on the computer. Not even a experienced snooper could find it. So pretty much i just bring it out of stealth mode and then add my files and then put it back into stealth mode. Simple and quick and that's the way I like it :)

    This is nice, but I use a program called Folder Vault: You can lock folders and completely hide files and folders. It does encryption too. U can also put it in stealth mode and even the program is completely hidden :) Very Very low-key


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    lol thanks! I'm actually taking a computer forensics class right now and to be honest a lot of what I considered safe (but too much of a pain) is actually no better than having files sit in the root of one's drive . . .our last project involved using a program which reads the hard drive without the "filter" of an operating system . . .literally bit for bit and analyzes the stuff to find files . . .deleted, hidden, moved, password protected . . .nothing is safe no matter how hard you try . . .It sort of reinforces my point about hiding things in plain sight . . .if it's boring looking then it gets passed up for the more intriguing. Of course for the "average" or lazy user, nothing more than hiding files is really necessary . . .mostly a trade off between security and convenience . . .


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    no you dont come off snobish but to tell you the truth i have no idea what you just said....and how do i password protect my .zip files?