How to Make a Knex Bomb

Introduction: How to Make a Knex Bomb

a very easy way to make a knex bomb with only knex no rubberbands, strings, or explosives at all. so what are you waiting for make one today! ps this is my first instructable so i hope you enjoy it!!

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Step 1: The Parts You Will Need

first your going to need
2 white connecters
8 yellow connectors
8 green connectors
and 8 red connectors for this project

Step 2: Starting of the Build

first take one of the white connectors and all of the red connectors out and start attaching the red connectors con to the white connector as shown in picture one. then it should look like picture two.

Step 3: 2nd Part of the Build

then take out the other white connector out and take out all of the green connectors and start attaching them like in picture one. if you did it right it should look like picture two.

Step 4: 3rd Part of the Build

now take out all of the yellow connectors and the start attaching them to the red connectors like in picure one. and then if you did it right it should look like picture two.

Step 5: Last Part of the Build

now take the part you made in the 2nd part of the build (or the green connectors attached to to the white connector) and carefully attach it to the yellow connectors as in picture one and the you done

Step 6: Either Use It Now or Save It for Another Day(your Choice)

now its ready to use. just toss it at a hard object and it will shatter to pieces. and the harder throw it the bigger the radius( or range) it has.also the pictue below is a picture of what the bomb did when i tossed it. anyways hope you have fun with this instructable alright bye. : )

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