How to Make a Knex Orrery




Introduction: How to Make a Knex Orrery

About: well im just a 13 year old and im into knex. I also draw, build, fold, watch, and evaluate a heck of a lot of things on this site, along with other sites such as, youtube, facebook, and roblox. if you look f...

this is just one of my models ive built over the years now I'm submitting them for review & youre entertainment enjoy. an orrer is a model for a planetary system that moves using one motor most of the time (sorry ti's just my term for it)i pic is right here for a famous one. heres a link to the video if you cant see it here.

Little point I shall bring up, this isn't the best design, And i'm sure I can improve the mechanism so that it isn't as flimsy and it's more compact than before, I will begin work once I have remade it and have time.

Step 1: The Base

this also includes motor built in

Step 2: The Support Tower

as said in desc. this tower supports the mechanism for the orrery

Step 3: Mechanism Lower Half

this mechanism is too big for one step so i split it into the upper & lower halves

Step 4: Mech. Upper Half

as said upper half pt. 2 to mechanism instructions

Step 5: Assembly of Segments

title is self explanatory

Step 6: Troubleshooting & Faq

need help with assembling your orrery, or is it not working properly? come hither to this step & query me on these intriguing problems i shall answer them truthfully & in the best way possible!



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    and i posted a video look at it u shud get some troubleshooting done from that

    i thot i put it up already as a ible video but if you insist just a sec ill go get the link

    If we're on the topic of improvement, a description of what an orrery is and a picture of a famous one might make your first step even better =]

    thanks again to you this is my first real 'ible on this site the others were guides

    it's just going to be that way you can modify it & make it less flimsy but you have to label the mechanism design as mine other than that youre fine to mod all you want

    oh ok then i'll just bring my knex kit out & start moding it

    just a sec