How to Make a Magic Shape

Introduction: How to Make a Magic Shape

a magic shape is a rectangle piece of paper that u put random (not actually random) numbers on and when u fold it a certain way u get this cool thing where it goes 1 on one side and 2 on the other then u flip it a certain way and it turns into 2 and 3 and flip it again and it goes to 3 and 4.

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Step 1: Collect Materials

you will need to collect
1. paper
2. scissors

Step 2: Draw 3 by 4 Rectangle

Now you will need to draw a 3 by 4 inch rectangle on a piece of card or paper (construction paper's fine) and cut it out.

Step 3: Put Numbers In

now that you have it cut out you can draw the lines. You will need to draw a line every inch and once you have that done you can put the numbers in like this.

side 1
Row 1: 1123
Row 2: 3211
Row 3: 1123

Side 2
Row 1: 4432
Row 2: 2344
Row 3: 4432

Step 4: Cut

And now you need to cut three sides of the four around the middle two numbers.

You will cut the end off the three on side 2. warning if you cut the three off you will mess up the whole thing.

Step 5: Fold and Tape

now you need to fold the paper into it's correct shape and to do that you need to:

1. have the side with the fours facing you.

2. grab the middle and pull towards you.

3. Fold it to the right and push the one over the edge until it is on the other side.

4. fold the edge on the left to the right until there are only two columns.

5. flip it over and tape the two ones in the middle together.

So that is how you make a magic shape and if you have any more ideas for me to make comment me. or if you have any questions.

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    8 years ago on Step 5

    how 2 tape it give a little mr infrmtn.....plzzz....