How to Make a Mini Clipboard

Introduction: How to Make a Mini Clipboard

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this is a pocket sized clipboard to take little notes on.

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Step 1: Supplies.

you will need,
2 washers,1 bolt,
1 bolt,
1 pack of post it notes,
1 piece of a laminate tile,
and 1 mini clip.

Step 2: Putting It Toegether

now take your tile. put the 2 washers on the hole (one on one side, and one on the other). take the bolt and put it through the front washer hole and take the nut and screw it in on the other side on the bolt. but before you do all that, take the one part of the mini clip and put it under the washer in front. after all that, put the post it notes in the clip and your clipboard is done.

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