How to Make a Multmeter Accessory and Connection Box

Intro: How to Make a Multmeter Accessory and Connection Box

while using my multmeter, I realized that sometimes it's difficult to using the test probes and it will be expensive make alligator test probes, etc, so, I decided to build something easier to use and cheaper.
all you need is a connector from a speaker, a box and some old multmeter test probes.

Step 1: Assembling

to assemble this, you have to mount the speaker connector in the box and weld there the old multmeter test probe connector with some wire. after cover the welds with hot glue and make a hole to the wires pass throw

Step 2: Uses

with this accessorie, you can connect the wires direcly from the PCB, make your oun customized test probes, like alligator clips, by using two wires and crimp one alligator clip in one point and change them easily



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