How to Make a New Year E-card in Photoshop

Introduction: How to Make a New Year E-card in Photoshop

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In this turorial i will teach you how to make a simple and easy e-card in photoshop

Step 1: Open Photoshop

Step 1:
Firstly you need to have a software alled photoshop cs6 installed in your computer
the you need to open it and ;
Go to file
click on new
select international paper
select size a4

Step 2: Edit the Image

you need to edit the image
and you also need to insert a few good fonts in it

Step 3: After Editing You Can Make a Simple Card

After editing you can make a simple card
after you have done all the editing you can go to file and cick on save as opt.
select jpeg format and save it

Step 4: Conclusion

After all the efforts you have made you can get it printed

any queries then ask surely:)

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