How to Make a Paper Hat

Introduction: How to Make a Paper Hat

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ok so you have all seen these and proably made these your self, but making a paper hat is an invaluable asset to your life.
And there so easy!

Step 1: Ok So You Start With an A4 Page

i know mine will be boring because it is blank but i more than encourage you to do some drawings or have a clolured page.
1. so get your page and then fold it in half long-ways
2. then un-fold it

Step 2: Then Fold the Corners In

this step isnt crucial but i like to do it on my hats.
1. fold in the corners on the top.
2. unfold the folds giving you the nice creases.

Step 3: Fold the Top to the Bottom

this is one of the most crucial steps.
1. fold the top edge to the bottom

Step 4: Making the Sails

now you fold down the corners opposite the edges to make the sails.
1. fold down the corners opposite the edges to the middle

Step 5: Finish Her Off

now you fold up the flaps at the bottom up.
1. fold the flap facing you up.
2. turn the hat over.
3. do the same on the back

Step 6: Fin

now enjoy your hat me-hearties.

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