How to Make a Paper Machine Gun by Undermig




Hi ppl of this eart Muhahaha!!! This is how to make my machine gun u all saw in my slide show.
took me about1h to remake and do some pic.

-This is mini paper!!! pleaze use reg. size paper ZZZZ omg

-it haves about 85% accuracy
-depending on how you make the bollet like i told you in my other instructable your gun is ganna shot 7-17 feet.

-Depending on how you blow will coust accuracy and distance and well force lol but how you make the bollet is really what will coast you on the range. Hope you all like this PLZ RATE. If i get about 5 subscriber + 3 stars i will work on my other semi auto bolt action gun. xD

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Step 1: Beg. Barrel

Start with the barrel. idk wath to tell you... just do it? ima go watch tv so i can let the image load.
tip to shoot farther is to put the smaller
tube in the left. <<<

Step 2: Box... Need It to Slide

dowing the box to slide...

Step 3: Body

This is the rest of the body to slide and put your bollet in.

Step 4: Stock

This is how you have to make the stock. And how to insert it. look photo... easyer.

Step 5: Kinda Last Part of the Gun!!!

Make the handle

the blow pipe


Step 6: How to Load

How to load the gun.

and your done haha hf



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    60 Discussions


    3 years ago

    very cool. I built a sniper rifle tho


    4 years ago on Introduction

    This is great, man! you said something about a bullet in another instructable, but i don't know which one can u tell me thx!


    Reply 8 years ago on Step 6

    depends if it is very well done and all the cracks are seal. If tf you do it like a GOD like myself it will shoot very hard and far as you have a big hole to blow in so their is a greater air impact. But you have to make it like over 10 times to get 1 perfect.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    i know y
    u can make the barrel wen u roll the paper with something inside
    ur tube has papr inside cause u either rolled properly and the papr inside uncurled or u just rolled it tight