How to Make a Paper Wallet



you need a piece of printer paper and scissors.             it is very skinny .

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Step 1: Make the Base

fold your paper in half(hamburger) then unfold then you fold both sides in the middle then unfold

Step 2: Step2 Dhyb

then fold it in a hot dog fold  then you fold it to the third fold.then you fold it in half hot  dog again.then you cut a triangle or square out of the folded side not the lose side i repeat do not cut the lose side

Step 3: All Most There

then you unfold and then you cut where you are told

Step 4: 3 Steps to Go

fold one end over your rectangle or diamond

Step 5: 2 Steps to Go

then fold the other end to the middle

Step 6: 1 Step to Go

then fold one end on top of theother

Step 7: Done

then fold it in half. then you are done

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