How to Make a Pop Can Yo-yo (makes Great Gifts)




 i needed a gift more my bro for x-mas so my search for great homemade gifts began and i created this.....

Step 1: Materials

 - pop cans (2)
-old pencil
-scissors to cut cans, string and pencil
-hot glue and lots of hot glue sticks

Step 2: Cut the Cans

first cut the tops off of 2 pop cans
then pop off those anoying openniner thingys (pic two)
now glue those sharp things tha get in your way when drinking (pic three)

do this for both ends fold the edges to make it safer

Step 3: Cutting the Crayon

 now cut your crayon to a nice size so that there's at least a 3/4 inch space in between, you'll know what i mean in the next step or pic two

Step 4: Add the Crayon

 now its just a matter of glueing in the crayon dead center and making sure theres enough glue
AND MAKE SURE THE SHARP THING IS SEALED OR ELSE IT GETS MESSY oh and put the hot glue in very thin layers or else it melts the can

remember only glue one half right now

Step 5: Add the String

 now make sure you do this step now not before because alot of people skip to the fun part and attach the string well dont yet because its hard to do the other steps after

so all you do is tie the string around the crayon and secure with glue for the string the sizee should be from eyes to toes on you

Step 6: Last Step

 now just add the top on with lots of glue and your pretty much done you can wrap it up and give it for a gift now or just have fun on your own



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Very much like this one ("The balance stinks" and yes the metal edges do catch the string) - How's the balance on this, and do the edges catch? (I notice you folded them over to make 'em smoother)


    2 replies

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

     i folded my edges in and it works great but i cant yo-yo but my brother can and it works for him