How to Make a Possible Geochache or Possible Survival It Mainly Pics

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here is a pic of mine before you paint it and here is one after for the survival part of the aspect it is water proof so u could put matches in or other things. To make the geochache Step 1 :first you get two bottles get the farthest part of the neck and cut all the way through.  Step 2 :when you cut both of them out snand and file them down.  Step 3 : then you wash them out.  Step 4: find ur appoxiey sorry if i miss spelled that but my grammer is bad. take the two ends of the caps and line them up perfectly and glue all the way aroud the.             Step 5: wait and wait and wait then u and glut inside then wait wait if you want you can add anther coat to each and if u have extra glue in spots snad it down.  Step 6 :  then you can paint it. YES you are done Yay!!!!!

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    seem's pretty good idea, but dude you need to work out a bit on this one need to elaborate it a bit so other's could understand this


    but you should put instructions on how to do. I know it's your first instructable but put instructions is easier than you think


    7 years ago on Introduction

    It would be great if you could tell us more about what you've made and how someone else might be able to make one too!

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