How to Make a Push Arm for the Table Saw


Introduction: How to Make a Push Arm for the Table Saw

materials needed 10inX20in plywood, T square or level, a tape measure and a pen and a band saw

Step 1: Mark Your Lines

I like starting in the corner a measure one inch at the bottom and at the top three inches then i make my lines. I then make a house shape at the top right i measure inch and a half on each side and one inch down and then one inch across.

Step 2: Using the Band Saw

then i slowly cut at my marks

Step 3: Using the Beltsander

now that you cut out your arm then you would take it to the belt sander and smooth out all edges

Step 4: The Arm at Work

now go ahead and try it out



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    You have come up with a good shape for a push stick. Thanks for the share.