How to Make a Really Cool Blowgun Dart

Introduction: How to Make a Really Cool Blowgun Dart

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want to make a dart for your blowgun that not only looks really cool but is really fast? then this is the instructable for you, but naa really this is pretty good, enjoy.

Step 1: Step 1: Gathering Materials and Stuff

for this easy and really cool dart, you will need:

1 A4 sheet of paper
1 nail
2 rolls of different colored electrical tape (i.e red and black rolls)
1 roll of wool/yarn (colored to match the tape is recomended for awesomness)

1 pair of scissors
1 pocket knife (optional but preferred)

Step 2: Step 2: Cut and Roll

get your A4 sheet of paper and cut into the centre like so, then roll it into an amazingley awesome cone like mine, if u cant ill settle for just awesome (sorry i couldnt hold the camera and take a pic)

Step 3: Step 3: Tape and Cut(again)

tape up the cone so that u cant see any white left,

then put it into ur blowgun to see where to cut it so it fits and then CUT

almost done the basic part 

Step 4: Step 4: Nail and Tape and YEAH

get your nail and drop it down the open cone, then get a pencil or somthin and push it down so it sticks out the apex of the cone.

get your other color tape and wrapo round the nail and up the cone so that the nail wont go no where

lookin pretty snazzy huh

Step 5: Step 4: Its a Wooly End

get a strip of electrical `tape(dont matter which one)

and lay it down

then get the wool/yarn and cut into 3-4 cm lengths (1.5-9 in)

lay the wool down so that half is on the tape and half (or whatevers left) off the tape like the 5th picture says

continue this until the tape is full

then get another peice of tape and place it under the first tape with wool on it so that half is sticking to the tape and the other half is open for access

then roll the wooly tape so that it makes a circle like in pic 9

then put the wooly tape into the open end of the cone and push the edges of the tape against the wallas of th cone so that it sticks proper

but it wont stick pproper so get some more tape (yes more) and wrap it round the top of the cone and the wool like in pic 11 to keep it really on there

then your done, it goes real far, 

to use this u must have a blow gun

to make one juat have a metal pole or pvc pipe and sand the edges for smoothiness ENJOY


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